Cycling is the New Golf

Join the Croesus Fintour, an exclusive experience for the financial services industry professionals, to ride with your clients and prospects.



Starting in May, members will participate in five rides led by acclaimed Canadian cyclists. These renowned cyclists will not only act as ride leaders but they will share their cycling knowledge with members during a brief training session before each ride.

By the end of the season, with all the tips and tricks given by the Fintour ride leaders, members will without a doubt see improvement in their cycling skills.



The objective of the rides is to raise funds for Youth Fusion, a charity dedicated to lowering school dropout through projects in various subjects, including science and technology.

Youth Fusion has an enormous impact on communities by shaping and enhancing the educational experience of youth and ensuring that the next generation has the tools to positively contribute to communities.



What better than an afternoon out on your bike discovering local food and wine producers while raising funds for a great cause?

Each of the five rides will conclude with a cocktail in a winery or orchard, where members can share their passion for cycling with industry colleagues. These wineries or orchards will be located within a one-hour drive from the downtown core to allow members the opportunity to explore local producers.


Croesus Fintour

Stronger Together

The Croesus Fintour was born out of the idea to provide a unique cycling experience for professionals in the financial services industry with a common goal — raising funds for a worthy cause while encouraging local businesses. The event promotes values that are at Croesus’s core: well-being, collaboration, and a sense of community.

Since 1987, Croesus has been providing wealth management solutions to financial institutions throughout North America. Currently, 10,000 investment professionals use Croesus solutions to manage over $900 billion in assets.

Croesus Fintour is exclusively for those working in the financial services industry, such as management, advisors, IT professionals, and members from the vibrant fintech community.

Youth Fusion

Why We Ride

Founded in 2009, Youth Fusion’s mission is to lower school dropout rates and create closer ties between training and employment. This award-winning charity has a unique focus on experiential learning by implementing innovative pedagogical projects in various fields, including robotics, video game creation, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Youth Fusion works with companies and universities as partners to implement educational projects in schools, specifically targeting at-risk youth. The projects provide a hands-on, pragmatic approach to learning that has seen tremendous results in schools across Quebec and Ontario.


Once you join Croesus Fintour, the monthly Thursday afternoon rides will be the highlight of your summer. Once a month, from May to September, you will join members of the financial services industry for a ride through the local countryside while raising money for a worthy cause.

Not only will you get to meet and learn from professional cyclists, you will also have the opportunity to network and connect with fellow cyclists during a cocktail reception.



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Join the Croesus Fintour cycling club on Strava to track and share your activity with other members.


Thank You

The Croesus Fintour would like to thank all the partners who have made this event possible. Your invaluable contribution will help shape the future for young students so that they discover their strengths and talents.

For more information on partnership opportunities, please contact us.


As an industry leader, Croesus is recognized as a fintech with the ability to efficiently transform data into information, develop portfolio management solutions to drive efficiency, and deliver business intelligence for fact-based decision-making.

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