Live your passion

From May through September, as a Croesus Fintour member, you will participate in four afternoon rides in the greater Montréal area. You will not only ride for a great cause, you will also have the opportunity to discover local producers that are approximately one hour from downtown Montréal.

The fifth ride will be a full day event to support the Gemini Foundation at the Omnium Maurice Dupont. Riders will enjoy a full day of cycling with professional ride leaders along with dinner at the Mirage Golf Course. By purchasing the Fintour season pass, you save 50% off the cost of this full-day event, valued at $325.

Challenge Yourself

Cyclists will leave the starting point at approximately 1:30 pm after choosing between a short (60-70 km) and a long distance (80-90 km), as well as the appropriate speed. Renowned ride leaders will be present to ensure that members get the most out of each route while improving their skills throughout the season.

Network Post-Ride

After each ride, you will enjoy a cocktail reception at a local establishment to network with peers from the financial services industry.


  • Participate in a 65 or 85 km ride
  • Ride and learn from renowned cyclists
  • Invite clients and prospects to share your passion
  • ​Enjoy a networking cocktail
  • Support a great cause


  • 5-Ride Season Pass: $529*
  • 2-Person Team: 5% discount*
  • 3-Person Team: 10% discount*
  • 4-Ride Package: $359
  • Individual Ride: $129

Use coupon code FT2018MAR and save 10% off regular price. This offer is eligible for season passes and single rides until March 31, 2018.

*Season passes include the full day event for the Gemini Foundation.
The map represents the long ride.
The shorter ride will follow a similar trajectory.

La Bullerie

August 23, 2018

Please note that the routes and the schedule are subject to change and will be confirmed prior to each outing.